Chris Poll

Here’s how to use Intellectual Property to Engineer Success

This article was originally published on Institution of Mechanical Engineers and remains their copyrighted material. Follow this link to read the full article. Some industries appear kinder to entrepreneurs than others. Silicon Valley can make it look like anyone with exceptional coding skills can create a disruptive product, but certain sectors can...

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Big Tech, Smaller Footprint – Renewable Energy and Tech Industry

A recent report by the Solar Energy Industries Association[a] has drawn attention to the utilisation of solar power in big tech companies in the USA with Apple, Amazon and Google each ranked in the top US companies for installed solar energy capacity. Apple led the way with 393.3 megawatts in...

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Long live the idea: using IP to monetise your invention

Game-changing ideas from sole inventors and startups in tech are often shelved because the costs of implementing them are too high. Sometimes, this is simply the reality of the market – some hurdles are too high to overcome. But too often, ideas are shelved prematurely because startups do not realise...

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