Elizabeth Capel

Thinking “Outside-the-box”: Celebrating Neurodivergent Inventors

  As a patent attorney, one of the things you really come to appreciate is how much rests on thinking “outside-the-box”. So many steps in the innovation cycle – from our clients coming up with inventive technology, to us finding creative solutions to protecting it – benefit hugely from the...

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Designs in the MedTech Sector – Are high filings a result of Coronavirus or part of an on-going trend?

At the time of writing, the number of registered designs filed and published at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) in 2020 relating to equipment for doctors, hospitals and laboratories was over 50% higher than in the same time frame in 2019. While this may seem at first glance...

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The Rise of FemTech and the Importance of Diversity in Innovation

Inventors and designers inevitably add personal bias to any product that they design, even in circumstances when they are making products for the whole population. The UK Intellectual Property Office carried out a study in 2019 titled “Gender profiles in worldwide patenting: An analysis of female inventorship”[1]. It is clear...

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