Eric McNeil

Designs in the Automotive Sector – Putting you in the Driver’s Seat

  Cars are excellent examples of assets that strongly benefit from all three types of registered intellectual property protection. Patents are key to protecting technical innovations, while trade marks can provide an essential safeguard of the brand behind the vehicle. Furthermore, in a surprising departure from convention, in 2019 the...

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Thinking Outside the Box: Innovations in Extending Electric Vehicle Range

In 2018, the UK Government announced its “Road to Zero” plan for achieving at least 50% of new car sales being ultra-low emission vehicles by 2030. In the plan, the government pledges grants for a range of plug-in vehicles, increased tax credits for electric vehicle design and manufacturing, and a...

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Is the Hague System Underused by Design Applicants?

The latest Hague Yearly Review [1] of industrial designs filed under the Hague system shows that the number of international applications filed in 2019 increased by 8% compared to 2018. However, the total number of applications filed last year still remains fairly low, at 5,886 – in contrast the UK...

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