Graham Spenceley

How has Lockdown Changed the way we Exercise?

The lockdown imposed in the UK due to Covid-19 has led to unprecedented changes to our way of life, from adapting to working from home to not being able to visit loved ones. One important concern with such isolation is the effect that it can have on a person’s mental...

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Get your patents IN: India – the next hotbed of fintech innovation

With e-commerce making up just 4% of the retail market, most of the population still yet to be exposed to digital disruption, and a start-up ecosystem only a decade old – India might seem like an unlikely location for fintech innovation. Yet, in May, Indian company Flipkart became the world’s...

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Why Trade Secrets Could Be An Important Part Of Your IP Strategy

Most tech companies will consider patents to be a “must-have” element of their intellectual property (IP) strategy, but the strength of trade secrets is becoming more evident. Trade secrets can be particularly useful as a complement to patents or when patent protection is not available. Recently, Bumble filed a lawsuit...

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