Heather Lane

Notes from a Digital Nomad – Month 13: Epilogue

In a way, it does feel a bit like I’ve been in outer space for the past year – communicating with ground control in London via the digital ether; living in the close-quartered RY bubble as we travelled from place to place; definite loss of muscle mass. And so it...

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Notes from a Digital Nomad – Month 12: Buenos Aires

And so to Buenos Aires, which I’ll admit right away might just have swept in at the eleventh hour and stolen the crown as my top city of the year. It may not have the relaxed beach-side vibe of Koh Phangan, the lush jungle of Medellin or the vibrant colours...

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Notes from a Digital Nomad – Month 11: Córdoba

So, one way or another, here we are in the penultimate month of Remote Year, and the last country on our itinerary – Argentina. As expected, time has flown. What I wasn’t expecting as we touched down in Córdoba, was for it to also jump backwards 20 years.  Don’t get...

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Notes from a Digital Nomad – Month 10: Peru

If Peru were an aisle in a DIY shop (bear with me here), it would be my favourite – the paint section, floor to ceiling with colour swatches displaying just about every colour you can imagine, plus more that you can’t. “Elephant’s breath”, anyone? It really is a rainbow of...

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Notes from a Digital Nomad – Month 9: Medellín

They don’t call Medellín the City of Eternal Spring for nothing – although, paradoxically, it hasn’t always been that way. You see, between you and me, it doesn’t seem to have much to do with the weather – think steamy, tropical thunderstorms rather than delicate April showers.  Spring however is...

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