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Notes from a Digital Nomad – Month Eight: Bogotá (or not, as the case may be)

Let’s face it. The entire title is a misnomer this time round – neither Bogotá nor digital nomading are going to feature in this post, because instead we have a detour via Cuba. And not only does Cuba deserve a short novel to itself, but also it’s one of the...

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Notes from a Digital Nomad – Month Seven: Mexico City

I think it’s safe to say that Lisbon may have lulled me into a false sense of security (not to mention a food coma) – after a month living there, I thought I’d got a reasonably good feel for the city, and maybe I was getting the hang of this...

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Notes from a Digital Nomad – Month Six: Lisbon

As much as I enjoyed spending January in bitterly cold but beautiful Prague, after a month of wearing multiple layers, I was ready to defrost. Cue Lisbon, the sunny setting for our final month in Europe and the perfect place to warm up, ready for the Americas. And it’s not...

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Notes from a Digital Nomad – Month Five: Prague

There’s nothing like moving to a new country to ring in the New Year, so on 31st December we boarded our Remote Year private jet (ok, ok, a chartered flight – but the height of glamour as far as I am concerned), left sunny Croatia behind us and two hours...

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Notes from a Digital Nomad – Month Four: Croatia

My three months in Asia were everything I could have hoped for – exotic, entertaining and eye-opening – but also challenging at times and certainly character-building!  So, as sure as I am that I’ll be going back for more, on returning to Europe I was ready for a change.  That...

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