Ian Jones

Patent licensing trends in the UK pharmaceutical sector

2018 was billed by some in the industry as the year of pharma M&As. However, as of September, we still haven’t seen the acquisition values that were expected following a rather barren 2017. What we have seen are record high patent licensing deals. If your company is built on a...

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Little-known trouble at European Patent Office should put start-ups and investors alike on alert

The European Patent Office (EPO), the body responsible for ruling on patent applications submitted by companies across the continent, has come under fire recently as a result of growing concerns about the quality of patents it has been granting. While the EPO’s management team has celebrated recent increases in the overall number of patents granted as...

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The growth finance landscape in biotech

Ian Jones took the helm of a lively panel debate at the Biotech and Money/Medtech and Money World Congress 2018 on the continued influence of venture capital on the sector and their appetite for growth and follow-on investment. Speaking on the panel were the following venture capital and corporate venturing...

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