James Prankerd-Smith

Copyright for Functional Designs: a Bicycle Framework

Create an artistic work and you get 70+ years of protection against unauthorised copying of the work. On the other hand, if you create a product that is not artistic, then you are left with up to 20 years of patent protection to protect the way the product works, and...

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The Medtech Patent Landscape in Numbers – 2020 Update

A few years ago we analysed the MedTech sector from a patents perspective (see here). Many of the wider trends that we identified have continued, while there has been some shifting in the specific areas of growth. Additionally, the focus of innovation has continued to shift towards computer implemented inventions...

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Can Europe’s New Medical Device Regulations Actually Stimulate Innovation?

The deadline for medical devices in Europe to fully comply with the latest regulations is fast approaching. From 26 May 2020, a wide range of devices in the medical industry, including surgical instruments and hospital beds, will have a new set of rules in the Medical Device Regulation (MDR), with...

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