Mark Aldred

Is there a missing link in your IP strategy?

Bearings manufacturer CeramicSpeed caused quite a stir at the recent Eurobike trade shown in Germany with their chainless, drive-shaft based drivetrain. In the last few years alone, the cycling industry has seen many innovations, including electronic gears, more gears, fewer gears, disc brakes, power meter developments, e-bikes, tubeless tyre technology...

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Medical imaging- increasing innovation yet outdated equipment

If you are unfortunate enough to require an MRI or CT scan, you might reasonably expect that the equipment is state-of-the-art.  However, a recent report published by AXREM suggests that over half of CT and MRI scanners in the UK are more than five years old, with more than 10%...

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Internet of Medical Things – exciting innovation with potential security risk

The “Internet of Things” (IoT) – the network of devices interconnected with each other via the Internet and other networks – is constantly expanding. These connected devices include medical devices with connectivity capability which form the so-called “Internet of Medical Things”, or IoMT. Examples include everyday wearable activity trackers, hospital...

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