Peter Finnie

What changes to the law covering IP infringement claims mean for your tech startup

On 1 October, a new UK law – the Intellectual Property (Unjustified Threats) Act 2017 – came into force that made significant changes to what you can and cannot say to anyone you suspect of infringing your UK intellectual property. Stripping away the legalese, at their core, the changes do three things:...

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Is there value in protecting IP you don’t intend to use?

In this piece Peter Finnie discusses how defensive patents can be of value to your business. Having long ago established itself as the first port of call for anyone wanting to check online for lower prices while out shopping on the high street, Amazon sent shockwaves through the retail industry...

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UK innovation is under threat because of archaic patent law

Peter Finnie, managing partner, discusses why the UK’s legal system is overdue an update to cater for a world largely driven by software. The microprocessor, the pocket calculator, the floppy disk, the very first Apple computer, and Pong. The 70s was a decade of great innovation, with technologies that would...

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3D Printing: Adding another layer of protection to your IP

The range of applications for 3D printing technologies is fascinating and growing at an ever increasing rate. From existing applications in the medical industry to 3D printed pizza, there is even potential for a 3D printed lunar base as envisaged by NASA. 3D printing, or ‘additive printing’, relates to objects built from successive layers of materials...

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