Stanley Heath

Amazon and Apple Health Clinics

2018 saw Amazon and Apple both announce plans to open health clinics for their employees. These two companies are giants of the technology industry, but they each have very different approaches to doing business. It is, therefore, worth considering each company’s motivations and how this might affect the medical industry...

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Success of AI-driven healthcare depends on robust IP strategies

Artificial Intelligence in healthcare is undoubtedly having a moment. It is already transforming fields such as medical imaging where AI revolutionises image analysis, expanding its reach and improving overall quality. With the UK Government planning an AI revolution, healthcare AI start-ups stand to benefit, but only if they place Intellectual...

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Omni MedSci v. Apple reawakens patent troll debate

Apple has recently become involved in a lawsuit that looks set to reawaken the debate around non-practicing entities and the issue of so-called patent trolls. On 6 April 2018 Omni MedSci, Inc. filed a lawsuit in the Eastern District of Texas alleging Apple was infringing four of Omni MedSci’s patents...

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