Ben Wild

Before GJE…

I joined GJE after completing an MSci degree in Chemistry at Imperial College. I initially started my degree by taking medicinal chemistry ancillary courses, thinking that I’d like to work in pharmaceutical research.  My preferences changed during my degree and I spent my final year in an exchange programme at a Singaporean university (NTU) researching various nanostructures, which was a fantastic experience but led me to the realisation that research wasn’t for me.

Why did you choose GJE?

In all honesty, legal rankings are what pointed me towards GJE when I applied as a graduate. However, it was the people I met during the interview process, the feel of the office and its location (right next to Shoreditch) that clinched the deal for me and led to me accepting the offer.

What do you enjoy the most about your role?

One of the best things about what I do is that I work for a lot of different clients, large and small, which are innovating in a number of different technical areas. I have the opportunity to work on cases ranging from biotech to materials chemistry, and I find this diversity of clients and technology very stimulating.

What’s it like to work here?

GJE is an incredibly sociable firm, and everyone is very approachable (whether it is for work-related chat or not).  Events are regularly organised by our social committee (SoCom) to keep our social calendars ticking over, and I organise a “TA Curry” every few months. It’s also far too easy to twist our arms on a Friday night to head over to a pub.

What’s been the most memorable moment at GJE?

Probably a charity bike ride a few of us did for “Help for Heroes”. Unwisely we decided to go out the night before despite a 5.00AM registration. We got round the course, but we’d made it far more challenging than it needed to be. I also fell off, which was pretty embarrassing.

What challenges do you have coming up at GJE?

I have a slight break for now, but will be sitting my pre-exam in March 2017.

If you weren’t a Patent Attorney, what would you be?

Wholly unrelated to Chemistry, I’d liked to have been a pilot. Maybe someday I’ll get round to getting a private pilot’s licence so that I can squeeze myself into a little Cessna for weekend trips.