Kevin Tipping

Before GJE…

I studied Biochemistry at the University of Leeds, where shortly before graduating I was offered a place on the Wellcome Trust PhD scheme. I decided to accept, and spent the next four years dedicating myself to solving the mysteries of amyloid disorders.

I called time on my academic career after becoming interested in IP whilst working on a project with several industrial collaborators. This also served as my induction to the world of science in the economy.

What attracted you to GJE?

My desire to join GJE stemmed from its renowned expertise in understanding the role of IP in business development. Being a good patent attorney is more than having a command of the law, you need to understand why and how IP rights are going to help your client’s business succeed.

What have you been involved with since starting at the firm?

Since joining the firm in 2015, my work has included drafting patent applications, responding to examination reports, and managing global patent portfolios. I’ve also attended several client meetings, but my greatest moment so far was winning the Christmas jumper competition less than a month into the job!

What would you recommend to someone interested in joining GJE?

My advice to anyone seeking to join GJE is to make sure you understand the value of IP in serving technological innovations. And of course, it helps to be studious, but remember to show off your human qualities. GJE is a collaborative of dedicated professionals who enjoy life as well as work, so don’t be afraid to show that side of you too.