Rowena Price

Before GJE…

I joined GJE having finished a degree in Classics at Cambridge and having rightly concluded that I was not cut out to be a teacher of Latin or Greek!  The role of a trade mark attorney attracted me because it offers a great crossover between the theoretical law and the practical reality of disputes in the market place – especially when you’re working on products and brands you’re already familiar with as a consumer.

What was it about GJE that appealed to you?

I spoke to a few firms before joining GJE, but it was the people here that sold it for me.  I think the fact I’m still at the firm 15 years on, working with so many of the same people, only goes to show that my initial assessment was right!  I’m lucky to count the people I work with not just as colleagues but also friends.

What does your role entail?

I’m one of the trade mark partners at GJE, so my role is a mixture of high value strategic work, plus ensuring that we as a team continue to deliver high quality advice to our clients, coupled always with great service.  Clients rely on us for speedy and practical recommendations and it’s incredibly rewarding to work as part of a team which you feel is genuinely valued and making a difference.  The relationships you build with your clients and colleagues at all levels are very special.

How would you describe the GJE culture?

Every firm has its own distinct culture.  I’d like to think we’re pragmatists, focused on the end result and coming up with practical solutions, while not being afraid to tell clients how it is. But if we can have a bit of fun with our clients and colleagues along the way then so much the better!  As the old adage goes, all work and no play…

What would have been your career plan B?

If I wasn’t a trade mark attorney, my dream job would be to own a cheese shop.  Though I probably smell sweeter in my present role!