Our Practice Groups

Chemistry & Life Sciences (CLS)

Our CLS group is a team of scientists with strong academic backgrounds with a diverse knowledge base, which reflects the broad nature of the chemistry and life sciences sectors. The work in the practice group encompasses the full range of patent activities including: drafting, filing and prosecution, plenty of oppositions and appeals before the EPO, as well as contentious advice work.

The team acts for several multinational corporations, SMEs and universities, covering a wide range of technologies, including chemical synthesis, nano chemistry and nanotechnology, cleantech and environmental innovations, soluble polymers, household fragrance products, polymeric films and fibres, absorbent articles and materials, food products, personal care including skin and hair care products, therapeutic skin treatments, pharmaceutical formulations, man-made vitreous fibre products such as insulation and industrial horticultural products, pharmaceuticals, peptide therapeutics, antibodies, enzymes, epigenetics, stem cells and regenerative medicine, bioinformatics, intra-vascular medical devices and drug delivery.



Food, Drink and Hospitality



IT & Engineering (ITE)

The largest of our practice groups, ITE has grown considerably in the last few years to meet the needs of our clients. We have highly skilled, experienced and knowledgeable attorneys who stay ahead of the curve for patent filing, prosecution and opposition work in this fast-moving technology arena.

The team provides a full range of patent services to individual inventors, investors, universities and research institutions, SMEs and large multinational corporations with substantial patent portfolios.

The team’s technology expertise includes a range of types of software and hardware innovations, including telecoms, internet-related inventions, business methods and related technology, networks, nanotechnology, signal processing, mobile/handset technologies, audio signal encoding, digital message monitoring and VoIP equipment, electronic instruments, image processing, interactive television, cryptography, database handling, air traffic control systems, optical recording media and avionics, ink jet printing, fasteners, medical devices, computer hardware, photonics, sub-sea drilling equipment, marine propulsion and hull design, high volume production processes and machinery, consumer packaging, document handling machines, scientific apparatus, ‘cleantech’ innovations, environmental monitoring, gas sensing apparatus, semiconductor devices and their fabrication, energy conversion, particle physics and quantum physics.

Advanced Engineering

Computer Technology




Trade Marks (TM)

Our UK and European trade mark attorneys are commercially focused, motivated and proactive. Our team has a wealth of experience in all aspects of trade mark protection and enforcement such as:

• portfolio management
• pre-filing advice on registrability and trade mark searches
• drafting and handling applications worldwide
• prosecution
• oppositions and cancellation actions
• infringement
• anti-counterfeiting issues

Like their patent colleagues, the TM Group acts for a wide range of clients from start-ups to household name multinationals and in a wide range of industries, including food and drink, fashion, entertainment, pharmaceuticals, sports, aviation, automotive, musical equipment and telecommunications.