GJE part of SuperBIO consortium to promote formation of new bio-based value chains

GJE’s Biotechnology team, together with nine other partner organisations, will manage SuperBIO – a new €3.8 million Horizon2020-funded project to establish new value chains and drive innovation in the EU industrial biotech sector.

The SuperBIO project was established by a consortium of 10 pan-European organisations, including GJE, for the purpose of supporting the development of promising industrial value chains in the EU bioeconomy. The SuperBIO consortium engages with the bio-based business community and provides SMEs with access to expertise, networks and innovation services. Funding of up to €60,000 is available to SMEs seeking to develop cross-sectorial and cross-border industrial value chains that contribute to the EU biobased economy.

The attorneys in GJE’s Biotechnology team have a wealth of experience identifying, securing and exploiting intellectual property rights and we are supporting the SuperBIO project by providing IP-related services to innovative SMEs who successfully apply for funding.

To learn more about the importance of IP in the biotechnology sector please visit our industry sector page. Details of how to apply for SuperBIO funding can be found at www.h2020-superbio.eu