GJE recognised by the World Trademark Review

We are pleased to announce GJE has been recognised as a ‘Recommended’ firm in the 2019 World Trademark Review. The World Trademark Review is the definitive ‘go-to’ resource for those seeking legal trade mark expertise, identifying the trade mark industry’s leading lights in 70 jurisdictions globally.

Read the WTR’s review below or visit their website here.

“Brand owners are exceptionally vocal in their praise of European patent and trademark attorney setup Gill Jennings & Every: ‘Every attorney at the firm is nothing short of fantastic – they are all extremely professional and personable. They work hard to understand your business priorities and give all their advice a commercial slant; they provide honest feedback and tell you what they think, not just what you want to hear; they give clear recommendations, not just options; and they work with you in a genuine partnership.’ Virtually no trademark practitioner in the United Kingdom is more emphatically recommended than Rowena Price: ‘She is super responsive, utterly charming and a total professional. She has excellent strategic instincts, is very thoughtful and has outstanding client skills. She deserves top grades.’ Many peers recommended her spontaneously, citing her as ‘really thorough’ yet ‘practical and efficient’. Alasdair MacQuarrie also garners glowing notices: ‘He is a consummate professional who really understands his clients and is aligned with them. He provides advice that takes into consideration substantive legal merits and business issues. He’s always spot on, and great to call for analysis, advice or just a quick read on something.'”

– World Trademark Review 2019