IP Strategy

GJE’s attorneys are widely recognised for their IP skills and commercial acumen. We regularly advise a wide range of businesses on how to extract more value from their IP, for which the development of an IP Strategy plays a central role.

For many businesses, patents and trade marks are the most valuable assets they own, creating a competitive advantage and underpinning revenue. So what’s your plan for maximising their potential value?

No IP Strategy means a big hole in your business plan

An IP strategy is important because it brings increased rigour and insight to the business plan. Key benefits are:

  • Improved understanding of the business and decision making
  • Protection of investment in R&D and brand development
  • Identification and mitigation of risks to the business
  • Building value
  • Supporting fund raising efforts

Having a robust IP strategy is vital not just for driving revenue, but also for when you are restructuring or divesting the business. An IP strategy may not directly increase the value of your business, but in this increasingly investor-driven business environment a lack of one leaves open the possibility of an investor leveraging this omission to obtain a reduction in the potential value.

If you would like to know more about how an IP strategy can benefit your business then please get in touch. We welcome enquiries and will be delighted to explain in more detail why you should consider GJE for your IP needs.

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