TM Portfolio Review and Health Checks

For many established organisations their trade marks have been registered some years previously, often by another company which has been subsequently acquired. However, businesses naturally evolve over time and adopt different brands, or indeed expand their brands into spaces not initially considered. This can often lead to weaknesses in a portfolio, for example marks not being checked to ensure they are free for use, marks not being protected, or trade marks having been registered but no longer covering what the business is doing.  Brand refreshes and the introduction of new logos can also be areas of risk for a portfolio. Portfolios can also become unduly cluttered and expensive to maintain over time without regular review, for example some brands may no longer be used but trade mark renewal fees are still being paid.

We offer trade mark portfolio reviews, or “Health Checks”, where we work with clients to review their existing trade mark protection against their current and anticipated commercial aims, to ensure that the trade mark portfolio is fit for purpose and supports their goals. This can often save money by streamlining the portfolio, but more importantly it ensures that any current and future spend is focussed on what the business really needs. Our clear recommendations and Brand Maps provide effective direction to your IP strategy.

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