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Who are GJE?

Gill Jennings & Every (GJE) are a firm of European Patent, Trade Mark & Design Attorneys. We act throughout the UK and EU – through both our London and Munich offices. In 2021, we were top-ranked in the Financial Times’ listing of leading European Intellectual Property firms.
Our specialist Design team works with an extensive and varied list of clients – from early-stage start-ups all the way through to global brands, andeveryone in-between with examples including Hasbro, Procter & Gamble, 3 Legged Thing, Senti – Home of Fragrance, and many more.

Designs are the form of intellectual property rights that exist to protect a product’s appearance.

How you can benefit from a free initial IP consultation with GJE

Designs are the form of intellectual property rights that exist to protect a product’s appearance. In many industries, what a product looks like is now just as important as how it functions – and sometimes even more so. Not only can the appearance of a product cause a consumer to select that product over those of competitors, but it can become a defining part of your brand’s identity.

An initial IP consultation provides an opportunity to discuss your IP strategy in confidence with a member of our specialist Designs team. Common focus points include:

• How can you protect your brand?
• Which types of products can be protected?
• Are registered or unregistered designs best?

If you have a question about your intellectual property, fill in the form to book a free 30-minute session with one of our attorneys.

These sessions are directed at those looking to commercially exploit their design ideas – they can give some initial direction to designers seeking to lay the foundations of an IP strategy and help integrate IP into their route to market. So, if you care about the way your product looks and want to know what you can do to better protect this, then look no further.

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