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Lara Gurun


Lara Gurun | Trainee Patent Attorney


European Patent Attorney

Lara graduated from the University of Glasgow with a first class Master’s Degree in Chemistry in 2012.

She also holds the Certificate in Intellectual Property Law, from Queen Mary University of London.

Other Languages: French

Career History

Lara joined GJE in 2013.

Lara qualified as a European Patent Attorney in 2017.

Lara Gurun


Lara completed a Master’s degree in Chemistry at the University of Glasgow, studying a wide range of topics in the fields of organic, inorganic, physical and medicinal chemistry. Her Master’s project involved the synthesis of novel polynuclear metallic complexes for use as single molecule magnets (SMMs).

Prior to joining the firm, Lara worked as a chemistry teaching assistant in southwest France for one year and undertook a 12-month research placement investigating the use of ternary nitrides in hydrogen storage as a component of her degree.