Food & Drink

How to make sure your next export to the Middle East creates reward not risk

Exporting to new markets offers clear opportunities to grow your business. There’s the potential to raise the visibility and value of your brand and, crucially, to increase market share, customer base and profit. All at a time when the economy at home is dealing with the uncertainty of Brexit. Indeed...

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Reducing sugar: the impact on intellectual property for the food & drink sector

The UK sugar tax for sweetened drinks is now in effect and with consumer and regulatory attention increasingly turning to the amount of sugar contained in food and drink, manufacturers are facing new challenges, in order to manage the often conflicting demands of health, flavour and cost. Public Health England...

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Challenges to Scale & Sale

Hospitality is a sector of great size, diversity and capacity to scale. In the UK alone, eating and drinking out generates a turnover of approximately £63 billion a year, and the landscape of the industry is constantly changing. It is perhaps the industry’s innovation and ability to adapt that has...

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Rowena Price at Bread & Jam

Rowena Price recently presented at Bread & Jam, the UK’s first food founders’ conference dedicated to emerging and scaling food and drink brands, where she discussed how businesses could protect their brands and attract investment, whilst also addressing some of the common misconceptions surrounding intellectual property in the sector. Here are the...

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Brewers in the Community- SIBA Report

The recent ‘Brewers in the Community’ SIBA Report, published on the 13th June, highlighted the craft brewery trend which is booming across the UK. The high demand for craft beer in pubs and retail has contributed to the meteoric rise of the industry, which has resulted in the creation of...

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