Food & Drink

How to build a successful food & drink business

On the evening of the 20th of April 2017 we hosted an audience of food & drink manufacturers at every stage of their life-cycle, from pre-launch and start-ups through to more mature businesses and internationally recognisable brands. We gave them access to a panel made up of Philippa Sturt, a corporate and...

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Sugar reduction and its impact on intellectual property for food and drink businesses

With consumer and regulatory attention increasingly turning to the amount of sugar contained in food and drink, manufacturers are facing new challenges. There is no doubt that this issue will continue to be central to the industry. The UK sugar tax for sweetened drinks is set to begin from April...

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Protein production, recovery and processing in food manufacture – leveraging patent rights and information from patents

Abstract The imperative to produce protein-containing nutritional foods and animal fodder to ensure food security in a sustainable manner is driving innovation, and investment in R&D. In the box of tools that companies can use to enable a return on their investment, are intellectual property rights (IPRs), including patents, trade...

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Nutraceuticals and IP – increasing your product’s longevity

Over recent years, there has been a rise within the food and drink industry in healthy alternatives, as consumers become more conscious of their diet, and more wary of what goes in to their food and drink. Health and longevity are becoming of increasing consumer concern, and associated governmental regulation...

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Is trouble brewing for craft beer brands?

Craft beer is, quite frankly, booming.  The last few years have seen a huge rise in the number of breweries on both sides of the Atlantic – over 24% more in the US over the last year1 and 65% more in the UK over the past five years2.  And there’s...

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