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Seven tips you won’t find in a fortune cookie – how to make sure your food and drink IP is fully protected in China

The lure and potential of China to food and drink manufacturers is obvious. China has a burgeoning middle class with an ever-increasing disposable income and Western brands are highly regarded in comparison with local products, from both a health and safety perspective and thanks to their cachet as status symbols....

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The Relationship Between Food Labelling & Patents

Consumer and government attention continues to focus on sugar content bringing new challenges to those in the food and drink industry. In America the FDA has recently announced a new food labelling regime requiring food manufacturers to identify all “added sugars” in their products.[a] It used to be the case...

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Reducing sugar and the impact on intellectual property for food & drink

With consumer and regulatory attention increasingly turning to the amount of sugar contained in food and drink, manufacturers are facing new challenges. There is no doubt that this issue will continue to be central to the industry. Recent coverage of Jamie Oliver’s weight loss and calls for a “sugar tax”...

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