Registered Designs – deMYTHstified! (Part 2 of 2)

In this second of two articles on the benefits of registered designs (the first of which can be found here), we tackle five more of the most-commonly repeated myths we hear on the subject: (1)   “We’ve already shown our design, so it’s too late to apply for protection.” Myth –...

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Registered Designs – deMYTHstified! (Part 1 of 2)

When businesses decide to invest in intellectual property to protect their assets, patents and trade marks are typically the most obvious choices and are often a good place to start.  However, when it comes to protecting the investment made in developing the appearance of a product or brand, patents and...

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New routes to freedom to operate in the UK

What can you do when you find your path to the UK market impeded by a UK patent? [a].  Historically, removing such a freedom to operate obstacle would have required costly litigation in the UK courts, a product work-around, or taking a license. A work-around is not always possible, or...

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The Relationship Between Food Labelling & Patents

Consumer and government attention continues to focus on sugar content bringing new challenges to those in the food and drink industry. In America the FDA has recently announced a new food labelling regime requiring food manufacturers to identify all “added sugars” in their products.[a] It used to be the case...

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Why Patent Computer-Implemented Inventions?

The patenting of computer-implemented inventions is one of the most controversial and hotly debated topics in IP today. Influenced by lobby groups on both sides of the debate, legislators are under increasing pressure to set out a clear and comprehensive approach to protecting software innovations. On one side, companies and...

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