Biotech vs Medtech: Divergence in Intellectual Property Strategy

The landscape of innovation and investment in the healthcare sector has changed dramatically with the digital revolution and the rise of medtech – the physical devices used in healthcare – ranging from drug delivery devices to diagnostic kits and software for the interpretation of health and wellbeing data. Investors in...

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Loss of priority leads to revocation of key CRISPR patent at European Patent Office

In a previous article, we reported on the preliminary opinion of the Opposition Division issued during the opposition to the Broad Institute’s European CRISPR patent EP2771468. Yesterday, the oral hearing before the opposition division at the European Patent Office (EPO) deciding this matter was concluded with complete revocation of the...

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Designs – The Unsung Heroes of the IP World

Design protection is an often overlooked aspect of intellectual property. It is common to protect physical products via a patent, which may protect how the product is made or how it works, while trade mark protection may be used to protect the brand that may have been constructed around the product. Design rights have their place...

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Challenges to Scale & Sale

Hospitality is a sector of great size, diversity and capacity to scale. In the UK alone, eating and drinking out generates a turnover of approximately £63 billion a year, and the landscape of the industry is constantly changing. It is perhaps the industry’s innovation and ability to adapt that has...

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Giving Sustainable Innovation the Green Light

With the return of the BBC’s ‘Blue Planet’ highlighting the damaging effects of environmental changes on our oceans’ inhabitants, the continued need for sustainable development and environmentally-friendly innovation is once again at the forefront of public debate. Green Technology Governments and companies all over the world are both promoting and...

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