Myriad and consequences for gene patents in the USA

Background Isolated and purified genetic material, including DNA, has long been protectable by patent in the US, and the USPTO has consistently applied the view that the process of isolation and purification produced a new composition of matter that differs from the naturally occurring material. This position emerged from a...

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Intellectual Property or Poverty? An IP Risk Guide for Business

The recent increase in public awareness of Intellectual Property (IP) has not necessarily led to a greater understanding of its generation, use or relevance to modern business. Although the term “risk-management” is generally understood, very few companies understand the risks associated with IP, let alone have a strategy for dealing...

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The Patent Debate

“When should I get a patent?” is a question that bedevils the research community. While the importance of timing in maximizing an invention’s value is increasingly recognized, choosing the moment to file can give researchers headaches. The simple answer is often ‘as early as possible’, but there can be good...

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