Strategies for capturing IP at dawn

Recent predictions from analysis firm Research and Markets estimate that the global market for photonics crystal components and modules will be worth $20.4 billion by 2017, and the global silicon photonics market worth $1.96 billion by 2025. With this surge in innovation the photonics market will become even more crowded,...

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Illuminating food fraud: optical technologies at the forefront of the fight against food and drink counterfeiting

The UK’s National Food Crime Unit recently estimated that piracy could account for more than one billion pounds of annual UK food and drink trade[1]. Amidst public concern over scandals involving horse meat “beef” burgers and antifreeze “vodka”, the food and drink industry is turning to high-tech solutions to protect...

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3D Printing: Adding another layer of protection to your IP

The range of applications for 3D printing technologies is fascinating and growing at an ever increasing rate. From existing applications in the medical industry to 3D printed pizza, there is even potential for a 3D printed lunar base as envisaged by NASA. 3D printing, or ‘additive printing’, relates to objects built from successive layers of materials...

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Lightning Fast Patents

The global photonics market is enjoying sustained growth above GDP with a recent report by the International Society for Optics and Photonics (SPIE) increasing its evaluation of global photonics trade to over $180 billion. The solar power sector is a particularly strong example of this trend with forecasts suggesting the...

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