UK’s top business schools cannot neglect the importance of intellectual property

Intellectual property is passed around leadership teams like a hot potato with no one wanting to take ultimate responsibility, despite it being essential. Because of this, Peter Finnie from Gill Jennings & Every believes business schools must do more to integrate IP into the curriculum.

The value of a business extends well beyond its physical assets and balance sheet. Regardless of whether you’re a tech company or a consumer-led brand, value is often tied up in intellectual property (IP). While intangible, it benefits all businesses when placed at the heart of your strategy.

It can prevent competitors from encroaching on market share and undermining profit margins; bring in licensing income; or protect the business by building up a distinct brand that drives much of future new business.

However, our research into 12 of the UK’s highest-ranking global business schools – including the Cambridge Judge Business School and Warwick Business School – revealed IP is deeply neglected within the core structure of many MBA courses.

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