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Chemical Patents – How to Get the Protection You Want in Europe Part I: Defining the Invention

  As those familiar with the patent process will know, a European patent is obtained via the European Patent Office...

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A Symbol of Pride – The Rainbow Flag

June is Pride month – an annual celebration of, and support for, the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer communities...

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Patenting Biological Simulations in Drug Discovery

  Our article ‘Patenting Biological Simulations in Drug Discovery’ has been published in Drug Discovery Today, by Elsevier. It examines...

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Machine Learning and Patents – A Guide for Patent Attorneys in Chemistry and Life Sciences

Machine learning and artificial intelligence have gained an explosion of attention in recent years as a tool that can be...

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Convergent Behaviour: Trends in AI HealthTech Patent Filings

GJE & Intelligent Health – AI & IP Series This is the third in a series of three articles prepared...

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Drafting Chemical Patent Applications: Strategies for Dealing with an Absence of Data

Those who have experience of the patent process in the chemical field will know the importance of supporting the application...

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