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Coronavirus Update 04/08/2020

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Brand Value? Sweet like chocolate

When Valeo Foods agreed to acquire the European and Middle Eastern part of crisp company Kettle Foods in a deal...

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Santen: A clear view of drug repurposing and a loss of sleep for those relying on Neurim

The CJEU has dealt a massive blow to the drug repurposing sector with its decision in Santen, stripping companies of...

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UK Proposes Reciprocal Generation of Unregistered Design Rights with EU

Under EU design law, products first disclosed in the EU may automatically generate unregistered design rights (UDR), providing protection for...

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Initiating an IP strategy: advice for early stage companies in the chemical space.

Starting up a new business is a sizable commitment at the best of times. Fortunately, this hasn’t stopped innovative companies...

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The Medtech Patent Landscape in Numbers – 2020 Update

A few years ago we analysed the MedTech sector from a patents perspective (see here). Many of the wider trends...

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How has Lockdown Changed the way we Exercise?

The lockdown imposed in the UK due to Covid-19 has led to unprecedented changes to our way of life, from...

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