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Designs in the Automotive Sector – Putting you in the Driver’s Seat

  Cars are excellent examples of assets that strongly benefit from all three types of registered intellectual property protection. Patents...

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Should we always strive for perfection?

  This article was authored by Claire Tanner Mental health is a broad and complex topic, with no easily identifiable...

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IP Strategies for AI Innovators in Healthcare

GJE & Intelligent Health – AI & IP Series This is the second in a series of three articles prepared...

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Is Dasatinib Dead? – An Incredible Change to the Plausibility Threshold

  It is just over four years since Board 3.3.01 of the EPO Boards of Appeal delivered its much-anticipated decision...

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“You can’t patent algorithms” – A Guide to Identifying and Protecting AI Inventions in Healthcare

GJE & Intelligent Health – AI & IP Series This is the first of a series of articles prepared for...

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AR-Assisted Surgery: Navigating the Restrictions to Patentability

  The development of Augmented Reality (AR) assisted surgical techniques is moving rapidly, with GlobalData predicting the next 10 years...

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