Financial Times recognises GJE as a leading European IP Firm with five Gold Awards

We are delighted to have been recognised as a leading European IP firm by the Financial Times. In addition, we have received five Gold Awards for our work in the following...

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The chemistry of collaboration

Categories: Chemistry

From Paul Allen founding Microsoft with Bill Gates, to Ben and Jerry creating their much loved ice cream flavours, many of our modern technologies and luxuries are the product of...

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Legal Updates

T 0817/16 (Google): Searching for a technical effect

Categories: Computer Technology

Last week the Board of Appeal issued a decision holding that Google’s patent application 04784004.6 was unallowable on grounds of inventive step. Amongst other things, the decision contains useful guidance...

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Notes from a Digital Nomad – Month 13: Epilogue

In a way, it does feel a bit like I’ve been in outer space for the past year – communicating with ground control in London via the digital ether; living...

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Unbound Innovation Festival 2019

We are excited to be exhibiting and hosting IP Clinics at Unbound’s Innovation Festival on 17-18 July at the Old Truman Brewery. Unbound brings together Europe’s most disruptive startups with brands, executives, and...

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