Arnie Clarke and Peter Finnie recognised by Who’s Who Legal

Arnie Clarke and Peter Finnie have been recognised by Who’s Who Legal in the The Patents Agent & Attorneys 2019: Analysis. The report lists the world-leading patent attorneys who are outstanding practitioners and the very...

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Lowering the bar to purity claims

Categories: Pharmaceuticals

Every so often, the European Patent Office issues a decision on a case which has important consequences for other patent applicants. The recent decision T1085/13 (discussed in greater detail here)...

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Legal Updates

T 0817/16 (Google): Searching for a technical effect

Categories: Computer Technology

Last week the Board of Appeal issued a decision holding that Google’s patent application 04784004.6 was unallowable on grounds of inventive step. Amongst other things, the decision contains useful guidance...

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Notes from a Digital Nomad – Month 13: Epilogue

In a way, it does feel a bit like I’ve been in outer space for the past year – communicating with ground control in London via the digital ether; living...

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N-Site Start-Up Essential Workshop

On Monday 20 May, N-Site will host their Start-Up Essentials Workshop at the University of Bristol. The workshop will cover: Company Formation Types of and availability of funding and Investment...

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