At GJE, our team of physics and engineering patent attorneys have technical backgrounds that extend across this wildly diverse field. Whatever your niche, we’ll speak your language.  By combining our legal expertise and commercial approach, we can deliver strong IP strategies to help your businesses realise its potential.

In today’s economy every industry is evolving thanks to technological innovation.  For companies to be competitive and successful they need to use the full panoply of protection offered by intellectual property rights to guard and exploit their innovation.

From aerofoils to zener diodes, GJE’s attorneys regularly advise businesses operating in a multitude of diverse industry sectors across the physics and engineering industry.  Our team includes physicists, materials scientists, chartered engineers, and engineering graduates in both electrical and mechanical engineering.  This means we are fully equipped to deal with inventions in all sectors, including advanced engineering, electronics, photonics, and medical devices (MedTech), just to name a few.

When you come to us, we’ll we take time to understand your business and your commercial objectives in relation to the competitive landscape you’re working.  This enables us to provide you with clear and pragmatic advice.  Our attorneys have a wealth of experience and know-how so they can zero-in on the key commercial issues and use IP to help drive your business forward.

We have a proven track record of ensuring that our clients maximise IP.  Whether its patenting important innovations; recognising opportunities to protect ideas as trade secrets; or helping clients navigate the competitive IP space through infringement advice and in freedom to operate projects, we can help you achieve the success you need.

GJE offers the full range of drafting and prosecution services for patents, trade marks and registered designs, together with oppositions and appeals procedures.  Having the correct IP strategy in place is critical for business success.  Whether you are a start-up, looking for investment, or a large multinational already well-established, GJE has the depth of experience necessary to ensure the correct IP strategy is in place for your business.

GJE have provided us with exactly the support we were looking for, providing relevant, commercially-driven advice that enabled us to focus on our key innovations to obtain broad protection for our UAV technology, and to manage the cost of what would otherwise have been a significant financial burden for a start-up.  I cannot thank them enough for the sterling support they have given us.