In his work as a European and UK Patent Attorney, Stanley has experience across the fields of electronics and engineering, with a particular focus on computer implemented inventions and inventions in the field of telecoms.  He has also represented clients in matters relating to anti-counterfeiting devices, commercial and consumer printing, medical devices, geo-surveying, semiconductor devices and processing, and devices for use in biochemical analysis.

His regular work includes the drafting and prosecution of European and UK patent applications, handling oppositions to granted European patents, with experience acting for patent proprietors as wells as for opponents, representing clients before the Boards of Appeal of the EPO, and acting on behalf of clients on matters of design protection.  In addition to this work, Stanley is frequently involved in carrying out due diligence work.  This experience has allowed him to develop new perspectives on how best to help his clients develop their IP portfolios in a way that supports their commercial objectives.

Outside of work, Stanley likes to spend his time cooking, working on his car, and cleaning out engine oil from under his fingernails.

Stanley specialises in:

  • Computer implemented inventions
  • Telecoms
  • Anti-counterfeiting devices
  • Commercial and consumer printing
  • Medical devices
  • Geo-surveying
  • Semiconductor devices and processing
  • Biochemical analytics devices

European Patent Attorney
UK Patent Attorney
Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys (CIPA)
Member of the European Patent Institute (EPI)

Stanley graduated from the University of Oxford with a First Class Master’s Degree in Physics.  After joining GJE in 2015, he qualified as a European Patent Attorney in 2019 and as a UK Patent Attorney in 2020.