What’s in a name?

At GJE, we know that good branding is crucial to the success of your business.  A brand is far more than just a few choice words or a smart logo – it’s how customers recognise you in the marketplace, and your reputation is intrinsically tied to it.  It’s therefore vital to put the right strategy in place to protect and leverage your brand to best effect.

Our trade mark attorneys are experts in designing strong, bespoke brand strategies which fit your business aims.  We go beyond just trade marking a business name, brand trade marks, or getting copyright on logos.  Our team have wealth of experience in this area and regularly advise on all aspects of trade mark selection, protection and enforcement.

We work with a range of clients, from multi-nationals through to larger UK and European companies, as well as academic institutions, start-ups, and individual entrepreneurs.  These span a full spectrum of industries including food and drink, hospitality, fashion, pharmaceuticals, health and beauty, entertainment and leisure sectors to name a few.

Our experience can help to protect your brand now and in the future, from trade marking a business name to ensuring the copyright on your logo our support includes:

  • helping you pick the right name for your product and checking you’re safe to use it without infringing anyone else;
  • protecting names, logos, and branding through trade mark and/or design registrations at home and abroad;
  • developing a commercially-based brand protection strategy;
  • defending and enforcing your rights against third parties, including opposing third-party trade marks, defending your trade marks against incoming oppositions and handling trade mark infringement and passing off cases;
  • developing strategies to protect your international growth and safeguard your exports, as well as protecting your brand in transactions with distributors, retailers, and other business partners; and
  • producing intellectual property reports for boards and investors and helping you navigate due diligence.

We use our knowledge and experience to help you grow and protect your business through your brands and intellectual property.  Every company’s business and journey is different, but our underlying aim is get to know your business, so we help you build value and increase revenue.

We have worked with Gill Jennings & Every for more than 10 years and consider them probably the best trade mark attorney firm in London.  We would instruct them in all relevant areas, including trade mark registration, clearance and opposition work – and strategy and portfolio management.