At GJE, we understand that a business’s unique selling point, its DNA, may take different guises – it could be how its products work, how they look, or both.  These are highly valuable assets, which our experienced patent and design attorneys can help you protect with the right IP.

Intellectual property can sometimes be considered the preserve of high-tech, cutting-edge inventions straight out of a laboratory.  That is far from the truth – it’s about more than just securing patents.  All creative companies generate IP – it just comes in different forms. GJE’s attorneys work with a wide range of companies in all sorts of sectors – from the ever-changing world of fashion to the high-speed, high-volume industry of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG).  Whatever the industry, we ensure you have an IP strategy that protects and supports your business plan.

In some cases, it is the look of a product that holds its value – and indeed significant investment will have been put into getting the appearance just right.  GJE’s attorneys have a wealth of experience in protecting product appearances using appropriate registered or unregistered design protection.  This helps businesses to ward off copy-cat products, flattering as they may be.

Registered designs can be used to protect the look of literally any type of three-dimensional article, and even two-dimensional graphics in some countries – such as typefaces, computer icons, and logos.  We have helped businesses protect their designs across all sorts of sectors from toys to food packaging, jewellery to audio equipment, and cosmetics to graphical user interfaces (GUIs).

We work with everyone from individual designers and small businesses to some of the largest manufacturers in the world, advising on both industrial designs destined for mass production, high-end products, or bespoke craft items.

Our depth of experience enables us to give clear advice on how to get the right level of design protection for your product in a cost-effective and timely way.  With offices in London and Munich, we can provide Europe-wide design protection in-house as well as international coverage through our network of well-established consumer product patent attorneys across the world.

Of course, in many cases your product’s function, or how it is made, may also involve a technical innovation.  If so, our attorneys will use their expertise to create a holistic IP strategy that takes into account both patents and designs to best effect.

The best way to protect an intelligent or creative design is to register it.