At GJE our specialist and highly experienced biotech patent attorneys have a deep understanding of the commercial realities of the sector. We appreciate the strategic value of IP to a biotech company’s success, as well as the skills and expertise needed to secure strong biotech patents.

The importance of intellectual property rights within the biotech sector cannot be overstated.  Innovation in biotechnology is a complex process and success in the early stages carries a significant level of financial risk.  We can help you leverage intellectual property rights to secure and maximise financial gains from your innovations within the biotechnology sector.

Our team of attorneys at GJE fully understands this fast-paced sector.  Our patent and trade mark attorneys have decades of experience in developing and implementing tailored IP strategies to help ambitious and innovative biotech companies of all sizes achieve commercial success.

Patenting in biotechnology is complex so our clients value the intelligence and creativity of our attorneys, and their commercial approach to identifying, protecting, and exploiting IP.

The strong technical expertise of our biotech team covers all aspects of biotechnology, including: pharmaceuticals, industrial biotechnology, regenerative medicine, diagnostics and immunology.

In addition to strong academic backgrounds in biosciences, our attorneys have significant industrial experience and understand the legal, technical and commercial challenges faced by companies in the global biotechnology sector.  We can provide you with a complete range of IP services, including: invention capture, patent drafting, filing, prosecution, opposition and appeal, supplementary protection certificates (SPCs), plant variety rights, due diligence, and freedom to operate.

We have a long history of providing strategic advice, from assisting our clients as they develop business plans, through to ensuring IP portfolios are structured with commercial goals in mind.  Whether your goal is to attract private/VC funding, secure licensing deals, float on a public market or exit via a sale, we’ll ensure your IP rights are structured appropriately.  We have a track record of supporting clients preparing for IPO and we have advised on numerous successful trade sales.

We use our strong network of overseas attorneys to manage the prosecution of patent applications for our clients all over the world.  As such, we are experienced in navigating the legal complexities and nuances of securing biotech patents in foreign jurisdictions, which can be particularly challenging.  We also prosecute a large number of agency cases and secure and defend UK and European patent rights for international biotechnology companies.

Our clients see us as their trusted advisors.  In addition to our legal work, we work closely with companies to help them establish internal procedures to manage their IP on an ongoing basis.  Our bespoke client portal provides access to up-to-date case data and is an invaluable tool for those managing large or complex IP portfolios.

Our biotech team is a member of SuperBIO consortium, a Horizon 2020 initiative funded by the European Commission, to promote the formation of new bio-based value chains.

GJE has supported a number of our venture capital biotech investments over the years, consistently providing us with valuable high quality intellectual property analysis that has clarified the commercial significance of key patent positions impacting the investment.