At GJE we use our legal and technical expertise to advise you on how to apply for a patent across any area of technology.

Understanding your company’s commercial goals and the competitive landscape is vital to ensure your patent application delivers maximum value.

Once we have a good grasp of your business and where you’re heading, we’ll work with you to build an appropriate portfolio of IP rights that safeguards your investment into R&D so your business can grow.

Patents are complex documents full of subtleties and nuances.  When you apply for a patent, the process is laced with endless formalities and both legal and technical challenges.  Having the advice of an experienced professional is essential if you want your application to go smoothly.  At GJE we draw on years of experience to make the process simple so you understand exactly what is required of you and the outcomes you can expect at every stage of the process.  Above all, we’ll ensure that your patent application will deliver a scope of protection that safeguards your commercial interests.

Whether you need help applying for a patent, opposing the grant of a competitor’s patent, advising on patent infringement, analysing, maintaining or transferring a patent portfolio, we are here for you.

There are plenty of patent agents that understand patent law well enough, but what differentiates Gill Jennings & Every for me is their understanding of the specific needs of the client. They understand my business and how patenting strategy and patent prosecution is important to our business as a whole, rather than just being an exercise in filing patents.