When you launch a new product, one major risk is the threat of IP infringement belonging to a third party.  We can help you limit this liability by obtaining a freedom to operate opinion and helping you to prosecute patents effectively.

Of course, things work both ways too, and we can advise you in relation to any companies infringing your rights and help you take the appropriate action to protect your ideas and products.

Expert advice is essential if you want to leverage your IP for long-term success.  Our team of IP experts will guide you through the patent landscape so you can understand, quantify, and minimise risk related to IP.  You’ll then have the freedom and flexibility to make well-informed, commercially-driven decisions.

Any technology-centric business, whether you have your own patents or not, needs to be aware of IP infringement and the risks involved.  Licensing and litigation costs are considerable so it’s not worth cutting corners.

If you are a patent owner or are in the process of acquiring patent protection, we can help you to leverage your IP so you can achieve your commercial aims in a cost-effective and intelligent way.

Enforcement and exploitation of IP rights extend beyond patent litigation.  Depending on your business model, patents can be directly monetised via licensing or sale, or used to protect your core revenue streams through enforcement, which prevents competitors from using your technology platforms.

When we have exhausted all non-contentious routes to leverage your IP, we’ll move on to provide strategic and tactical advice on patent enforcement around the world.  In the UK, we have experience supporting litigation in the Chancery Division of the High Court and in the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court, including working with top-quality IP counsel. With support from our network of specialised overseas attorneys, including in the US, we will help you prosecute patents and defend your patents across the world.

Involving us at an early stage of IP negotiations could help you avoid the expense of litigation altogether.  A carefully drafted warning letter often prevents a dispute from escalating.

Our experience of the UK Intellectual Property Office’s infringement opinion procedure has helped numerous clients to secure early settlement, saving them time and the expense of being taken to court.