We can help you secure a patent term extension to compensate for the time it takes for your new drug to pass clinical trials and receive marketing authorisation.  In many European countries, you’ll need a supplementary protection certificate (SPC).  Our Chemistry & Life Sciences teams have considerable experience in obtaining these extensions for our clients in the UK and across the world.  In this rapidly evolving area of law, our team keeps on top of the latest developments and regulations governing SPC protection in Europe so we get the best outcomes for our clients.

If granted, an SPC can extend market exclusivity for your approved drug for five years after the patent expires, with a further six months in some instances.  An extension of this length can be extremely valuable, which is why we work so hard to help our clients secure SPC protection. Over the past few years, we’ve successfully defended a client’s SPC application from revocation by the UKIPO for a drug that accrued more than $3 billion in sales in a single year.