Filing a patent application is just the start of your journey.  For us, this is a well-trodden path.  We have been helping clients with IP and patent filing for more than a hundred years.  We are proud to have successfully represented clients with tens of thousands of applications during that time.

The strength of a patent application is rarely tested until several years after it has been filed. This is typically when an opposition is launched or enforcement action taken.  These are contentious and complex matters that our attorneys deal with all the time.  Consequently, we draft patent applications with this in mind, ensuring they are strong, robust and deliver exceptional commercial value.

A well-drafted patent application sows the seeds for success in years to come.  Get this wrong or mismanage the prosecution and investors may leave, valuations fall, companies lose their advantage and competitors move in.  At GJE, we will make sure it doesn’t happen to you.

From the start of our relationship, we’ll work with you to understand your commercial goals and business aims.  We appreciate that every client is different, so this is essential in setting you up for success.  We then draft and prosecute patent applications to help you meet those goals.  Through the patent filing and IP filing process, we’ll leverage the technological advantage of your patented product or service to ensure commercial success, and prevent your competitors from gaining ground in the same market.