Brewers in the Community- SIBA Report

The recent ‘Brewers in the Community’ SIBA Report, published on the 13th June, highlighted the craft brewery trend which is booming across the UK. The high demand for craft beer in pubs and retail has contributed to the meteoric rise of the industry, which has resulted in the creation of 900,000 jobs in the beer and pub sector.[1]

According to the SIBA report, ‘The vast majority of breweries are planning to expand their workforce over the next twelve months. Overall, 71% of independent craft breweries are planning to recruit at least one new employee.’[2] The increase in employment is a direct link to the industry’s success, which is unlikely to slow any time soon.

For start-up brewers, there’s never been a better time to give-up the day job and take the plunge. However, the booming craft brewery industry cannot ensure success to any eager start-up. A great product is always key, but a good name which is protected is equally critical to success. Registering the name as a trademark is crucial to the protection of your brand and to building longer term value in your business.

If you would like to read more on how to protect your craft beer brand, read our article, ‘Is trouble brewing for craft beer brands?’ Alternatively, please contact a member of our Trade Marks team via

[1] A Message from SIBA’s MD, ‘Brewers in the Community’, SIBA report, p.3

[2] Creating Local Jobs, ‘Brewers in the Community’, SIBA Report, p.14

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