Overseas Attorneys

Are you getting the service you need?

At GJE we take the time to listen and understand the needs of our overseas clients and develop tailored packages to deliver the high standard and quality of service that we have built our reputation on. Our core values of care, clarity and creativity are particularly embodied in the service we provide to our overseas clients. Over the years we have developed strong relationships not only with leading overseas firms of attorneys where we look after their European patent and trade mark concerns on behalf of their clients, but we have also developed strong direct relationships with in-house intellectual property departments of medium to large companies in technical fields varying from telecommunications and mining to household goods and bio-pharmaceuticals.

We recognise and understand that behind every intellectual property right there is a story. We make no assumptions and appreciate that our overseas clients will usually want to take the driving seat with considerations of strategy and allocation of resources, but we are always on hand to offer such guidance where needed.

As a consequence, we have developed a number of practices that greatly assist our overseas clients to manage their portfolios and budgets and to keep their own clients informed and happy, be they direct clients or corporate management.

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Our experience

GJE serves a diverse client base across our various technology sector groups. We are leading European intellectual property strategists, providing clients with the edge they need to develop robust and effective patent portfolios. Our emphasis is on providing commercially relevant, practical and clear advice to our clients, and to deliver our services in the way demanded.

The high quality and breadth of experience in patent prosecution we offer our overseas clients is also informed by our depth of experience in contentious matters before the European Patent Office and the UK Intellectual Property Office. By knowing how to revoke patents we also know what to look out for in examination. Our EPO opposition team is one of the busiest in the profession and has a very high success rate in both defending and opposing across disciplines. We also have considerable experience in UKIPO patent revocation procedures, where we have an extremely high success rate.

This wealth of experience means your European and UK patent and trade mark applications will be in safe hands at GJE.

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How will we deliver results for you and your clients?

We understand the challenges of managing large portfolios with tight budgets. We draw on this experience to offer very clear and transparent communications and fees to reduce these challenges for our clients. Our fee structure is based on a mixture of fixed administrative fees, which are available on request, and hourly charges for value added work. This enables you to budget appropriately and enables us to provide you with accurate and timely cost estimates for the majority of the tasks requested.

  • We have a flexible approach to invoicing and our systems are set up to integrate with a number of different accounting platforms used by our various clients. We also have bespoke invoicing procedures for a number of clients further assisting them to manage their budgets and portfolios.
  • Our policy is to report patent office communications promptly, commenting, where necessary, on the salient issues, and enabling you to stay in control of the process and the costs.
  • We will file new applications on the day of receipt, if requested, and we immediately acknowledge instructions ensuring you are not left waiting for confirmation that your urgent matters are in hand.
  • We avoid jargon and keep our communications brief and to the point and we maintain firm-wide consistency of communications. This also applies to our invoices, the narratives of which can be standardised to fit with your invoicing policies if requested.
  • The volume of granted European patents that we handle has allowed us to develop a network of local attorneys who can handle your European validation and re-validation matters at very competitive rates. However, we recognise that many overseas attorneys and corporate departments may already have a preferred partner for validation matters so we are happy to be guided by you once we have secured your granted patent.
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What next?

If you would like to discuss how our firms can work together, please complete the enquiry form below and we will be in touch within one working day. Alternatively, you can email us directly at gje@gje.com, or call us on +44 (0)20 7655 8500. We look forward to hearing from you.

Articles for Overseas Attorneys

UK Hearings Digest 2018

Our Computer Technology patent attorney team have produced a 2018 UK hearings digest that provides analysis of the decisions issued by the UK IPO relating to computer implemented inventions (CII). The digest provides practice points and points of difference between...

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T 0817/16 (Google): Searching for a technical effect

Last week the Board of Appeal issued a decision holding that Google’s patent application 04784004.6 was unallowable on grounds of inventive step. Amongst other things, the decision contains useful guidance relevant to applications containing a mixture of technical and non-technical...

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Comment on T 0489/14 Pedestrian Simulation CONNOR

Recently, in the decision T 0489/14 the EPO’s Boards of Appeal published their referral of three questions relating to computer implemented simulations to the Enlarged Board of Appeal. Referrals to the EPO’s Enlarged Board of Appeal do not come around...

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T1085/13: A crystal-clear test for purity

This recent decision from an EPO Board of Appeal is a rather satisfying development in how patentability (especially novelty) of purity claims is assessed at the EPO. This case may be seen as patentee-friendly, particularly for the pharmaceutical sector, as...

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