GJE client Lundbeckfonden Emerge invests €2.6 million in SNIPR Biome Limited

On August 25 2017, Lundbeckfonden Emerge announced the completion of a €2.6 million investment in SNIPR Biome Limited. SNIPR Biome is pioneering its proprietary CRISPR technology to revolutionise the treatment of microbial diseases. The constructs developed by SNIPR can subvert elements of the endogenous bacterial CRISPR machinery to targetedly eliminate hazardous bacteria in vivo. SNIPR have shown its constructs can be used in a highly specific manner, marking a significant and exciting development in the field.

Gill Jennings & Every LLP advised Lundebeckfonden Emerge on the IP-related aspects of the transaction. The GJE team was led by partner John Jappy.

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