Are you ready for Industry 4.0? We are, and we want to share our knowledge and know-how to help make your business more competitive.

Otherwise known as ‘the fourth industrial revolution’, Industry 4.0 is forecast to transform the manufacturing industry over the next few years. Whether it is the accumulation and analysis of data from the internet of things, machine learning facilitated by artificial intelligence and big data or better design using augmented reality, our patent attorneys can guide you on using intellectual property rights to secure your innovation and help you develop a more competitive business strategy.

In today’s digital-driven economy there is hardly an industry that is not evolving through digital innovation. As in business, the GJE team takes a collaborative approach to ensure that the right combination of specialists and knowledge is applied to each task. GJE attorneys have been at the forefront in advising on the protection of computer-implemented inventions using IPR and providing situation appropriate advice. Examples include protecting a variety of innovations, such as the use of a computer algorithm to grow bigger crystals in photonics, better data analysis to help oil and gas exploration and the development of augmented reality to improve the success rate of major hospital surgery.

If you would like to know more about our knowledge in this area of technology and how intellectual property rights can benefit your business then please get in touch. We welcome enquiries and will be delighted to explain in more detail why you should consider GJE for your IP needs.

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