Innovation Capture

To help you make the most of the IP in your technology, we’ll collect vital information about your business in an Innovation Capture Session.  These sessions identify the innovations you have and explore how they can be properly protected and used to develop an IP strategy that supports your broader business plan.

Depending on the outcome of the session, you may or may not need to file patent or design applications.  Many companies find this process to be invaluable in understanding IP and the role it plays in their business strategy.  Many companies never confront the issue – meaning they miss out on commercial opportunities and leave themselves open to exploitation.


BrandLaunch is a unique analysis and assessment tool we use to help businesses launch a new brand, unveil a new product, or enter a new market.  It draws on our extensive expertise in brand strategy to examine where you are in terms of your business and IP, and where you want to be.  At the end you’ll receive a clear roadmap setting out milestones on your journey to protecting your new brand or product.

Our underlying objectives are: to lockdown ownership of your brand and all associated IP rights; to identify any major infringement risks for your brand; to suggest steps that can be taken for further clearance searching; and to make sure your brand is properly protected against third parties.