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Tesla and Trade Secrets: the importance of a rounded IP strategy

We recently discussed how trade secrets can be a valuable tool in a company’s IP arsenal when handled properly, and Tesla is a good example of a company who uses a multi-faceted IP strategy to give them a commercial edge. Tesla has featured heavily in the news over the past...

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Why Trade Secrets Could Be An Important Part Of Your IP Strategy

Most tech companies will consider patents to be a “must-have” element of their intellectual property (IP) strategy, but the strength of trade secrets is becoming more evident. Trade secrets can be particularly useful as a complement to patents or when patent protection is not available. Recently, Bumble filed a lawsuit...

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What You Didn’t See at the Super Bowl: What The NFL’s Secret Technology War Can Teach Your Business

The culmination of the NFL’s 2018 season, the Super Bowl, was played last night between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles. Those of you who stayed up late would have seen the Eagles crowned NFL champions as they overcame the Patriots 41 – 33 in the game’s dying minutes. However, what...

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