Computer Technology

Internet of Medical Things – exciting innovation with potential security risk

The “Internet of Things” (IoT) – the network of devices interconnected with each other via the Internet and other networks – is constantly expanding. These connected devices include medical devices with connectivity capability which form the so-called “Internet of Medical Things”, or IoMT. Examples include everyday wearable activity trackers, hospital...

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Intellectual Property: How To Protect Your Fintech Innovation

Getting to grips with intellectual property (IP) can seem daunting for fledgling FinTech companies just pushing off the starting blocks. However, it’s a step that early-stage businesses, looking to disrupt the market with the latest innovation, cannot afford to overlook. The IP needs of disruptive companies are different from those...

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Intellectual property and disruptive technologies: how to protect your innovation

In today’s digital-driven economy there is hardly an industry that is not evolving through digital innovation. The IP needs of those disrupting an industry are different from those of the incumbent companies, but are no less important. A well thought out IP strategy is absolutely necessary for a startup to...

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Are the days of the smartphone numbered?

Smartphones have revolutionised how society interacts with technology, and today, technology is changing our very perception of the world around us. Advances in virtual reality and augmented reality technologies are blending the boundaries between the real and virtual environments. Business potential is vast and investors are certainly taking note. Is it...

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Industry 4.0 offers new opportunities and new competition: is your business IP ready?

Computer technology offers a raft of new opportunities for traditional manufacturing companies.  However, it also opens new challenges since traditional companies may face new competition unless they embrace technological advancements in their sector. The EPO Annual Report 2015 showed that the top five applicants for patent applications in the field...

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