Sir Fraser Stoddart wins 2016 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Sir Fraser Stoddart, inventor for GJE clients Northwestern University and Cycladex Inc., has been jointly awarded the 2016 Nobel Prize in Chemistry with Jean-Pierre Sauvage and Bernard Feringa for their work on “the design and synthesis of molecular machines”.

Cycladex Inc. was co-founded by Sir Fraser Stoddart with Roger Pettman, who carried out his PhD with Sir Fraser Stoddart at Sheffield University, and focuses on commercialising technologies from Sir Fraser Stoddart’s laboratory at Northwestern University.  Cycladex Inc. utilises pioneering nanotechnology to isolate gold from low gold content sources in an economical and environmentally friendly manner.

GJE works closely with Northwestern University and Cycladex Inc. to gain worldwide protection for the inventions coming out of Sir Fraser Stoddart’s laboratory.  Helen Jones, partner at GJE, says that “this fantastic news will be a great boost for Northwestern University, Cycladex, and the team, as well as for Sir Fraser personally”.

GJE congratulates Sir Fraser Stoddart on this tremendous and deserved news, and is looking forward to witnessing the continued innovation from this Nobel Prize winner first-hand.

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