Are the days of the smartphone numbered?

Smartphones have revolutionised how society interacts with technology, and today, technology is changing our very perception of the world around us. Advances in virtual reality and augmented reality technologies are blending the boundaries between the real and virtual environments. Business potential is vast and investors are certainly taking note. Is it conceivable that the launch of the next evolution of a flagship smartphone instead turns out to be the unveiling of a revolutionary wearable AR device?

The gaming sphere has seized the new platforms VR and AR technologies have to offer and other industries, such as the automotive and medical, are close behind. As the technology reaches the hands and minds of more people, new applications will inevitably appear. Example applications include: property developers physically walking potential customers through the floor space of a bare concrete building structure whilst viewing fully-furnished apartments, or exploring extra-terrestrial wonders whilst sitting on amusement park rides, or a surgeon visually mapping CT scans onto a patient in an operating theatre to precisely locate a tumour and to map out a surgical procedure.

In addition to new applications, there has been increasing emphasis on the research and development of the enhancement of user experience.  Research in this area of technology has produced improvements in information processing, integration of data sources and data transfer, all of which fall into the field of computer-implemented inventions. Obtaining appropriate patent protection for computer-implemented inventions can offer broad protection to a company’s intellectual property. It can also increase a company’s value and provide the type of security often sought by potential investors. Indeed, industry estimates suggest that patent filings specifically relating to AR technology have increased eight-fold worldwide in the past five years.

Identifying key concepts in any given innovation is an important part of the patent drafting process. Further, in the field of computer-implemented inventions, careful drafting is essential in order to overcome the barriers to patentability specific to this field.

At GJE, our attorneys are experts in drafting patent applications to computer implemented inventions. We can help you secure valuable patent protection for your innovation in a field which is fraught with obstacles.

Just as the smartphone dominated the mobile technology market for the past decade, wearable AR technology may soon call time on the smartphone. Possibly, even within the next decade. It is important to make sure to capitalise on your innovation by making sure that you are well protected.

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