How you can progress your career with us

Month 1: September

You and a handful of other trainees will join the firm and begin on the job training. An onboarding programme will help you get to grips with the patent world and how things work at GJE, through seminars, workshops and one-to-one meetings with a range of teams.

1 year

Towards the end of your first year, you will enrol in the Postgraduate Certificate in Intellectual Property Law at Queen Mary, University of London – at our expense. This 13 week course will give you a strong grounding in Intellectual Property. You won’t be on your own; other trainees will join you, and senior colleagues are there to coach and support you, using their knowledge and experience to guide you and develop your learning.

James Taylor

2 years

After completing two years, and having received your Certificate in Intellectual Property Law, you will be ready to sit the Pre-European Qualifying Examination. We support you with further training and provide all the resources you need to pass this exam, including internal workshops and study groups.

Alex Kelly

3 years

After another year of practical experience, you will be ready for the European Qualifying Examinations (EQEs). Passing this will qualify you as a European patent attorney- giving you the new job title of ‘Associate’ and a hefty pay rise!

Kate Voller

4 years

To qualify as a British patent attorney, you will sit the PEB Final Examinations (British Finals). Finally and following dual qualification, you will undergo the CIPA Basic Litigation course to ensure you become a well-rounded attorney.

6 years

At GJE, the role of Senior Associate represents a significant step up from that of an Associate. The firm provides ample opportunity for progression and development post qualification and the rest is up to you. Promotion to Senior Associate gives you much more independence and the resources and support to build your own practice; a vital component to show you’re ready for partnership.

Rebecca Matheson

10 years

The top of the patent career ladder, you and your fellow partners are responsible for managing the firm and all that entails. Partnership also involves managing and growing your own practice and the responsibility of supervising and coaching other fee earners in your practice group.

Heather Scott Michael Lord